Triple F Firearms Corporation


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manufacturer's of custom weapons and tactical devices

Inman, SC 29349                                                                                                                                                                  864-578-5384

Triple F is now a licensed Importer
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Who we are

Triple F Firearms Corporation was formed by three brothers, all three Journeyman Tool & Die Makers and all three life long sportsmen and shooters. Knowledge and experience with precision manufacturing, quality specifications and their relationship to firearms and munitions totals over thirty years each. With close to 100 years combined manufacturing experience, we can walk you through the process of understanding that there is nothing "mystical" about a firearm. It is a mechanically functioning device that has tolerances that need to be met in order for it to function properly, and safely.

Triple F Firearms Corporation is a Manufacturer of Custom Weapons and Tactical Devices.(ClassII/SOTpending

What we do

We are manufacturers of custom tactical firearms. We specialize in AR-15 style Shotguns. Some shops will only work on certain brands. We Customize them all!.

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Why we're different

Firearm Safety
In conjunction with our support of the 2nd Amendment, we believe that fiream safety is paramount to the continual enjoyment of the shooting sports. All three of us learned about firearm safety at an early age from our father and from our involvment in the Boy Scouts. Formal firearm safety training is of the utmost importance in order to teach our children and each other how to enjoy our freedom to participate in all firearm sports.

What we promise

We promise to manufacture quality products at an affordable price
We promise outstanding customer service
We promise that while we may not always answer the phone, we will always call you back
We promise not to be "cocky", because we really don't know everything
We promise that if it doesn't work, we won't make it


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