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BR-99 AR15 Style Shotgun

Introducing the BR-99 12 Gauge AR 15 Style Shotgun

The BR 99 12 Gauge Shotgun is an AR 15 style shotgun similar to the MKA 1919. Triple F Firearms offers 922r compliance parts and custom accessories for AR 15 style shotguns.

Triple F Firearms manufactures complete 922r compliance parts and installs them in the BR 99 shotgun. This then allows other modifications to be done to the shotgun once it is 922r compliant. We can build your gun to order, or modify your shotgun.

Triple F Firearms sells stock/modified BR 99 shotguns as well as our custom builds. This is a stock BR-99 with the exception of a TFF 922r compliance kit installed. This allows the installation and use of a 10 round (or more) magazine. Remember that before you can legally use a magazine over 5 rounds,  your shotgun must be 922r compliant.

We manufacture parts and accessories for the BR 99 that we use in all of our custom builds. Our customers also get their choice of other custom options that we offer on all of our builds, including choice of stocks, hand-guards, and other after market accessories. 

Please keep in mind that each custom built  TFF AR 15 style shotgun is built to order and we require a 4-6 week lead time for delivery. Price is determined by the options selected, and each build is quoted separately. Call us for a price quote and ordering details.

Triple F Firearms Corporation is a Federally Licensed Firearms Manufacturer; all Federal Firearm Regulations are strictly adhered to by Triple F Firearms.

Stock/Modified BR 99 12 Gauge AR 15 Style Shotgun
One of our Custom BR-99 Shotguns
There are some shops saying that the BR-99 is not suitable for having a custom stock installed. That is exactly the kind of challenge we here at Triple F like to take on.
Our prototype is now complete. Production stock adaptors for the BR-99 will be available very soon in our web store.
Our production stock adaptors are designed to be able to mount either a folding stock mechanism, or a buffer tube.
Custom Handguards now available for the BR 99 Shotgun
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