Firearm Manufacturers and importers of AR style shotguns 

parts and accessories for the BR 99, MKA 1919, and AR 12

Our Values

AR Style Shotguns

Our Beliefs

Triple F Firearms Corporation is a licensed Manufacturer and Importer of Firearms. We import the BR-99 shotgun, and manufacture parts and accessories for other AR style shotguns. We have many AR style shotguns for sale.We believe that American creativity and innovation is what sets the pace for the rest of the World.

We still believe that a man's word is his bond, and that a handshake is a contract. We believe in an honest day's pay for an honest day's work. At Triple F Firearms, we believe in conducting our business with the utmost professionalism and integrity.





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Here at Triple F Firearms Corporation, we promise to never unfairly take advantage of someone who needs our services. We pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity and will always conduct our business in an ethical manner. At Triple F Firearms, our core principles are dedicated to mutual respect, fair treatment and trust.

Triple F Firearms will honor the commitments we make to our customers, suppliers and employees, and hold ourselves personally accountable for the decisions we make.

We not only import the BR99 Shotgun, but we make parts and accessories for other AR style shotguns, and have many AR style shotguns for sale. 

Our Principles

Triple F Firearms Corporation is a "for profit" corporation. We are committed to making a profit for our shareholders while retaining our integrity and ethics. We abide by all applicable local, State, and Federal laws with regards to our business conduct.

We know that our companies' greatest assets are our employees and not our equipment. We know that if we treat our employees right, they will take care of our customers. Therefore, Triple F Firearms is committed to providing our employees with fair wages and fair treatment in a clean, safe work environment. We abide by all EEO laws in the United States, and comply with all applicable human rights, civil rights, labor and environmental laws in our State.

Triple F Firearms Corporation also realizes that in a Global Economy, we must embrace the standards for business as set forth by the International Community. We are proud of our International strategic partners, and seek out the best suppliers with whom we partner with Internationally.