​BR-99 vs AR-12 cross section


​Most AR Style shotguns have all or at least some of their parts imported from Turkey. While Turkish arms have been imported into the US for years, there is much debate with regards to quality control. We here at Triple F have chosen to partner with one of the premier shotgun manufacturers in Turkey.

Bora Arms adheres to stringent Quality Control, and so the base platform of our shotgun is better made than many of the others currently on the market. As seen on their company profile, Bora Arms complies with the requirements of TSE, SAAMI, and C.I.P. standards.

​TSE - Turkish Standards Institute

The Turkish Standards Institute is the body in Turkey that is similar in operation to ISO. You can see more about their Quality Compliance and Standards here:

SAAMI - Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute

An International Quality organization for small arms and ammunition. Learn more here:

C.I.P. - Commission International Permanente

An International organization which sets standards for small arms. See them here:  


The Bora Arms BR-99 is just plain built better and is stronger because it has a thicker polymer stock than the other AR style shotguns on the market. You can clearly see the differences in the pictures:

Side view of the stock on a BR-99 vs an MKA 1919. The BR-99 is stronger because the plastic stock is thicker and has more over all mass.

​Our Gun is Better...here's why

​BR-99 vs MKA 1919 cross section

Better Function

The Bora Arms BR-99 functions better ​out of the box than any other AR style shotgun on the market. Add to that the fact that every BR-99 that Triple F makes is compliant to rule 922r, and the BR-99 Shotgun is the best choice in AR Style magazine fed Shotguns.

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